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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mohsen Dayz's Mixtape "The Crux" recently released!

My first mixtape is just finished and I'm really excited about it because this means I've taken another step into becoming famous! LOL
Anyway I wanted to apprize you that you can download "The Crux" Mixtape by clicking here.
If you can't download it completely, you can listen to each track individually on YouTube and download them here on SoundCloud.
Check it out on datpiff if you have time. :)

01 - Stay Or Ditch
02 - Crazy
03 - 16 Years (Feat Chris Brown)(Prod. by AMB)
04 - Cold Street
05 - She Always Got That (Smile)
06 - Nothin' On You (Remix feat. Bruno Mars)
07 - Take My Hand
08 - Yo Fck With My Pal
09 - Nothing On Me (feat. Jacob Latimore)
10 - I Never Forget
11 - RM
12 - So Tired
13 - I'm Done (feat. Hosky)
14 - Amo Le Donne (feat. Fabri Fibra)[Bonus Track][ITA]
15 - Halleluya (Hoody Style feat. Kaporal Rosta and Hosky)[Bonus Track]
16 - Mac [Bonus Track][PER]
17 - Parva [Bonus Track][PER]
18 - Mohsen Dayz [Bonus Track]
19 - Metal Dayz [Bonus Track]
20 - Sexy Smile (Remix) [Bonus Track]
21 - Shut Up (feat. Fergie) [Bonus Track]

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