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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mohsen Dayz's Music Biography

I was born on July 6th 1995 in Lisbon, Portugal. My Parents are both Iranian but since my father worked as an employee in the Ministry of foreign affairs and we had to travel alot because of his job, I assimilated a lot of different and disparate cultures and ideas therefore my ideas and thoughts varied oft-times. During these travels I confronted a lot of different behaviours and bearings, some very kind and friendly, some quite rude and assaultive and some other cocky and conceited.
But despite all the badness and unpleasantries of the relevant chapters, I picked up a vast amount of experience from them.
However in one of the countries which we traveled to, I confronted a very unenjoyable relationship situation for the reason that I wasn't quite used to the relevant culture, not that the culture was bad, No, but I believe the reason was the restrictions my country, Iran, which is governed by a dictator, retained and continues to retain today. Anyway after I kind of ruined everything between me and the girl I loved, since I didn't have any friends who I could sympathize with, for the reason that I was new there, I started feeling quite lonely and I got the feeling that nobody listened to me, so I decided to give my words a desirable rhythm together with some music of my own thus to make them more entertaining and diverting so that people from all over the world listen to me.
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